Balancing Mineral Concealer


One of our most unique products is our Balancing Concealer!

This is your defence against breakouts and skin imperfections.  Minimise discolourations, redness, blemishes and scars!  Silky and smooth to use, it blends beautifully. Perfect for any age or gender and this unique mineral formula won’t settle into fine lines. Sweat and humidity-resistant. Great for the delicate eye area, offering a soft rejuvenating appearance.

Directions:  Using a Concealer Brush (sold separately), apply close to lash line and on the innermost corner of the eye. To cover under eye darkness, run a line under bottom lashes and blend downward into a triangular shape.

For blemishes and imperfections, apply by simply patting product onto the area and blend.

Use as an eye primer for crease-free, long-lasting eye shadow.

For concealing a tattoo use the natural Oil Primer (sold separately) first.

Cruelty Free | Vegan | Natural | Australian | Safe | Water Resistant

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Whether it be a black tattoo or occasional breakout, NAS Concealer is your defense against all skin imperfections!

A MUST watch video!   NAS Concealer covering a black tattoo  … Amazing!!

For a list of ingredients see “NAS Cosmetics – Ingredients” under the ‘Important Links’ in the footer of this page

One of NAS Cosmetics’ most unique products is our balancing powder concealer.  Many concealers are liquids, creams or in pencil form and are often very thick and can tend to emphasize the areas you are trying to conceal – especially under the eyes!   Many make the mistake of applying concealer before foundation however, it should be applied over your foundation – it’s not until you apply your foundation that you know the exact areas that need to be concealed and how much you really need!


• Skin can breathe, heal and function naturally

• Vegan and cruelty-free

• Absence of filters such as talc, chemical dyes or binders

• No chemical preservatives

•  Additional health benefits for the skin

• Highly resistant to heat, rain and even tears

• Beautiful coverage leaving skin luminous and alive

• Incredibly light to wear

• Will cover blemishes without clogging pores unlike traditional makeup which can prolong or worsen any redness, dryness and blemishes.

• No bacterial growth hence increased shelf life



Magnesium Stearate
Kaolin Clay
Treated Serecite Mica
Titanium Dioxide
Zinc Oxide
Serecite Mica
Iron Oxides