About Me

Iā€™m a clean living warrior!

I began to clean up the way I lived with chemical free products for my personal care and my home – even what I put into my body.
After spending nearly 20hrs per week working in pharmacy and 10yrs on cosmetic counters in department stores, I made the conscious decision to leave a world I no longer believe in.

I learned that everything we put onto our skin crosses into our blood stream in a very quick 26 seconds, in the same way potent medication patches work. The saying “we are what we eat” even applies to what we put on our skin having a direct impact on our organs and body systems.

Then I found NAS – Natural Australian Safe. I was shocked that something so natural could be more effective than what I’d ever used in the past. Now I get to help myself and I get to share it with others, empowering them to look great and feel better about themselves!

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